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CADMC 2013

Design management: past, present and future

Design management as a field is growing in maturity, developing in its academic respectability and addressing new and exciting challenges.

The field started in the 1960s, with leading authors including Farr, Simon and Polanyi. It grew through the 1970s and 1980s, with Topalian, Alexander and Cooper (Robert).

In the 1990s and 2000s design management became more established, with new authors including Cooper (rachel), Bruce, de Mozota, Press and too many others to mention. in the last decade, new thinking and new ideas have created a set of divergent avenues of research. Design management sits at the interface between design research, management research and innovation research.

It is this unique position that presents challenges and also opportunities to address contemporary issues in business. strategic design, service design, systems design and sustainability are all hot topics and will provide the track themes for papers in this conference.

This conference is seeking to build on the growing base of research to reflect on what has been learnt so far, to understand contemporary phenomena and speculate as to future directions.

Call for papers

At the 1st CADMC in 2011, over 50 papers were presented, with an international academic audience of 100 participants. 3 papers developed from the conference will soon be published in Creativity and Innovation Management Journal.

As in 2011, the conference will aim to support a high standard of academic research and facilitate critical discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere.

At the 2013 conference, we aim to shorten the length of individual research presentations in order to increase the level of discussion, debate and interaction between presenters and the audience.

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